Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Songs that mean something to me

I'm 30 but ever since I can remember I have loved The Bee Gees. It's a fact that I was absolutely born into the wrong era. I love the majority of their songs but "You Win Again" is possibly my favourite. It featured on my driving CDs when I first learnt to drive.

Another group I thoroughly enjoy listening to is Fleetwood Mac. Again, the CD in my car featured 'Everywhere' and lots of my friends at the time were subjected to hearing it over and over and over again.

Blue by Eiffel 65 is a song that reminds me of my brother learning to drive. He had a blue Nova and this song was around at the same kind of time and I recall him playing it non-stop in his car.

Another track that springs to mind for me is "Video killed the radio star" by The Buggles. I remember sitting in my GCSE Art exam for two days with my headphones stuck in my ears. I suspect everyone else were listening to current hits but this was the track I was listening to so I bet they are all glad they never wanted to borrow my CD.

I came across "The 1975" when I was entering a competition. I had to quickly research them as I'd not heard of them before. A quick competition entry meant that I then bought their album and also looked up other tracks that they had played. I especially love their version of  "What makes you beautiful" in the Live Lounge.

Let's get a bit morbid now but the track I'm going to have at my funeral is this. No other reason other than "take me to the clouds above". I remember listening to it and running into my brother's room and categorically telling him that it was going to be number 1. (It then was number 1 and proves that little sisters need to be listened to sometimes as they know what they are talking about ;) )

Let's try and get things back to a happier thought. This is a track that reminds of some fantastic nights out that I've had as it always seems to feature at some point. I remember randomly jumping up and down and singing away to "Build me up buttercup." (Mind you, that's me most nights whether I'm staying in or out and about.)

I do buy compilation albums from time to time and The Sweetpeas enjoy skipping through the tracks to find their favourite.

"This song is about Uncle Tom. He's the man." ~ Alyssa

So sweet that she thinks so much of her uncle and whenever I hear this song I smile purely because of her comment.

This next song reminds me of my attempt to learn a different language. I ended up falling in love with a song and never did learn anything. It also featured in Fast Five so perhaps this song was just meant to highlight  my love of cars rather than my ability to learn a language.

 So,to finish up, what was I listening to while I was writing this post late on a Tuesday evening?

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Golding and will feature in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" film. I heard it on the radio recently and have had it on repeat most evenings since.

Are there any songs that mean something to you so that when you hear them it triggers a moment in your life or thoughts about a particular person?

Oh and I need to mention this song too. It's now imprinted on my brain for eternity thanks to Alyssa singing it constantly. I really need to just "Let It Go"....

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