Thursday, 19 February 2015

Understairs storage

I've been saving like mad in order to pay a carpenter to create my vision of a "book nook" for The Sweetpeas. I wanted them to have an area where they could sit and escape in a good book. The space also doubles as somewhere to hide all their toys when I want my living room to resemble more of a place to relax in rather than an aisle in Tors R Us.

Under the stairs seemed like the perfect place for it.

 It was created by a one large chest and then a smaller unit that has a drawer in it too. All of this was made from MDF.

Chunky liked to try it out even before it had really got started.

I wanted a more 'built-in' feel to it so he put a sheet of MDF between the two parts which created the little nook which I was after originally.

Day One was complete and they were able to start filling it with their toys. It's not fully finished as needs a bit of beading and there will also be a hinged door at the end to create a little cupboard too.

It's an ideal height for them to get up and sit on it whilst they relax with a book or play a board game perhaps?

Harvey was really keen to get his basket of books out even though I've not even started on shelving them yet.


  1. Looking good! I love making use of little spaces and the kids look very happy!
    Great that's it's for literacy too!

    1. They absolutely love it. Harvey will gladly curl up in the 'book nook' now. I'm very pleased!