Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bread board win ~ The Bread and Cheese Board Company

It's obviously common knowledge by now that I love a bit of comping. I have won many interesting items in the past but this super bread board win from The Bread and Cheese Board Company has to be one of my favourites.

The boards are made from Richlite which is 100% Recycled paper. They have kind of a slate feel to them and I was surprised at how heavy they are as initially I thought, "erm, chopping my bread on paper? Erm, how would that work then?" The quality is superb and I love how there are even the tiny clear stoppers on the back so it wouldn't damage the work surface. They really have thought of everything.

They retail from £35 +p&p (which is £6 for boards). I think this is a fantastic price for something that will really make a statement in your home. They would make great housewarming gifts or wedding presents as they offer personalisation too.

I'm also a car enthusiast so was really happy to see that they can do car manufacturer emblems and also actual car pictures too. (There's a Beetle one on there which is next on my wish list!)

Some businesses hate "compers" and think that we are all out to win things rather than actually buying anything. This is completely untrue. I have known many to actually be sent to a Facebook page, Twitter account or a website and then go on to make some purchases. They wouldn't have even ventured to that page or known about the product before that competition was posted. "Compers" are a great asset to a business too. They have immense social connections online and a simple share of a post can reach thousands of other people very quickly.

I urge everyone reading this post to pop along to their new The Bread and Cheese Board Company Facebook page, give it a like and have a browse at their boards.

I did not get paid a single penny for writing this nor did I win because I would write this either. 

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