Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to declutter your wardrobe

 I had been complaining for months about having too many things in my house so we challenged ourselves to have a really good sort out. My friend came round to help declutter and so we started with my wardrobe. 

We commenced from one end and pulled out each item one by one. A decision was made whether it needed to be put back into the wardrobe, be adapted into something I would actually wear again or if it should leave my house entirely. 

There were some items that I had bought over a decade ago so not only were they now at least 2 sizes too big but they had also seen much better days. Bobbly turquoise polo jumper anyone?

My friend offered great advice throughout the morning which highlighted the negatives to certain items of clothing that I had been given house room. 

"We don't wear skirts that short at our age."

"....just don't stand under any lamp posts wearing that." ~ This was about a red dress with a really high split which I had bought for a fancy dress party. It's now made its way into the fancy dress box.

"Just how many black shirts do you need?! " I own at least 5. I think just 2 would be ample.

"Coat that your mum would look good in."  

"Oh look, a dress you'd look awful in......................... and you have it in 2 different colours."

"Is that a net curtain?" Actually it is a dress but obviously looked better on the model than it does on me.

I also came across some items of clothing that brought back memories. For example, dresses that I distinctly remember wearing out on nights with some exes I'd rather forget. I would never wear those again so why are they taking up room in my wardrobe? The answer is that they have now hit the eBay or charity shop pile.

My ball dress appeared which instantly made me smile thinking of 2 wonderful friends who shared a great evening at a charity ball with me. I can certainly make room for that again and hey, every girl needs a ball dress if only to twirl about in when no one else is around don't they?

It was much easier having a friend round to offer their opinion as, if I was by myself, I would have either given up within a few minutes or not actually decluttered anything at all. 

My wardrobe is now looking slightly empty so roll on a shopping spree soon. I will take along some friends for that too so I may then avoid buying items that will stay with their tags on until the next big wardrobe declutter.

Big thank you to Anna for helping and to Alyssa for modelling for the photographs. Think her faces say it all. 

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