Monday, 29 June 2015

A New Daddy and eyeballs?

Facebook reliably shared a memory from 2012 today which made me smile.

Alyssa ~ "who is going to look after us when Mummy is at work and you die Grandma?"
Mum ~ "well you might have a new Daddy by then."
Alyssa ~ " No, Mummy said we aren't allowed new things."

I absolutely love how I have recorded some of the things that have made me laugh, smile or just think awwww, that's My Sweetpea.

Another one also popped up today from Harvey in 2014.

"I've got 2 sets of eyeballs Mummy. Some at the back but they are under my hair so no one can see them cos they're invisible."

I don't think a "new Daddy" is ever going to be on the cards. Especially when Harvey woke me up at 5:45 this morning storming into my room singing...

"You put your left leg in, your left leg out......"

That's it men, form an orderly queue.

I strongly urge every parent to make a note of the things their children say. You think that you'll remember these little moments but time goes past so quickly and they do so many things that some would get lost forever.

Village Sports Day

It was the annual Village Sports Day at the weekend and The Sweetpeas were really looking forward to it.

"I may not win much today as I'm heavy.....I know, I won't wear any socks. Faster Harvey."

Alyssa did incredibly well and was winning all of her races. If you came first, you would get £1 so she was really enjoying that aspect of it too. She saved up all of her money. Harvey however spent every single penny he managed to win in his races.

I was incredibly proud of them both when they tried to run the half mile at the end of all the other races. Apparently many generations of my family were known to be exceptional runners. It must have skipped me as I run like Phoebe from Friends.

 A massive thank you to Witri for the all the photographs.  Alyssa cannot wait for her name to be added onto the large shield next to previous winners. (I have edited the names as I know some people don't like things shared on the Internet.)

They are looking forward to next year and long may this tradition continue in the village. I remember running/tripping over my own feet when I was little and so I hope The Sweetpeas look back on it with such fond memories too.

More raspberries

"Mummy, I've got some good news and 

some bad news. The good news is I've found some raspberries. The bad news is a spider is eating them for his breakfast."

Thursday, 25 June 2015


"I've just found 20 thousand pound dollars. Can I keep it? ~ Harvey

It was actually a twenty pence piece that he'd found that must have fallen out of my purse when I'd been doing the weekly emptying of all the old receipts stuffed inside of it.

I went on to explain about different currencies and the dollars that he had probably heard about were the green.

"Dollars are just mouldy money then are they if they are green?"

My explanation had obviously been a very pathetic attempt and I should have gone into much more detail.

We talked all the way to school about how different countries often have their own kind of currency. They asked really interesting questions like "were the notes the same size?" and "did they have coins too?"

I can't wait to take them abroad next year. They will love soaking up the atmosphere and a different way of life. Plans are in the pipeline so I won't divulge too much as I know Alyssa enjoys reading what I type on here. I want it to be a bit of a surprise for them.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Father's Day

I'm sure for those that have read lots of my blog posts, it will be no surprise to you that we didn't celebrate Father's Day.

"I want a new Daddy. One that replies and makes time to see me." ~Alyssa

Alyssa came home from her art club this week with a picture. They had been making father's day cards but she had chosen to make it for the man in her life that actually looks after her ~ Uncle Tom.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Broken tooth

I broke my tooth on a piece of fruit and nut chocolate. Harvey was very sympathetic. Not.

"Well you should have sucked the chocolate off first then you would have seen where the nuts were. Silly Mummy."

Nuts I kind of expect to be tough enough to damage teeth but when I posted Harvey's quote on my Facebook page, I had a couple of other interesting foods that had broken their teeth.

Grapes ~ seriously? A grape.

Cheese and mushroom omelette  

Harvey has just harvested his first batch of raspberries. They taste amazing! He has thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow.

Let's hope they don't break another tooth though. I have heard how dangerous some fruit can be.

Have you ever broken a tooth on something?

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Saving with qwiddle

The walk to school allows us to talk about what we plan to do in the afternoon or at the weekend when we get to spend some quality time together. Alyssa was talking today though about what kind of house she dreams about owning one day.

"It's going to be blue. It's going to be an actual house not a flat. I like flats but I'm too noisy."

I love that she understands that she needs to work hard to achieve these things and that it won't just be handed to her.

They both have traditional bank accounts, child trusts and a little piggy bank each.

 The Sweetpeas also have a Qwiddle account online which allows me to set them tasks to complete in order to receive extra pocket money. It's really easy to set up and it links to my PayPal account which means I can easily add and remove money from their own personal accounts.  (If you have any problems, the team over at Qwiddle are very fast to reply with guidance on how to get it sorted.)

They have their own logins which allows them to set their own goals.  Harvey likes to set his goal for toys or Lego whereas Alyssa is extremely keen to save hers. She needs that blue house one day.

There is currently a competition running at Qwiddle to win an iPad. There's also a great offer to receive £5 free credit for your child's own Qwiddle account. This is the first 1000 sign ups so be quick.

I did not get any kind of payment for this post. Just like to share competitions and *free* money.

Monday, 15 June 2015

One job leads to another

I've made myself a little challenge to get myself into the top 1000 in the Tots100 rankings. This means that I actually need to write some posts rather than just thinking about  doing it. I had great intentions when I woke up this morning to actually focus on "blogging". I wanted to join in some linkies and finish some of my draft posts. I wanted to record why I was woken this morning by Alyssa posing the question of  "Why has Harvey got a rum and raisin ice cream tub stuck to his elbow?"

Who knows Alyssa, who knows?

I just couldn't seem to get round to opening up my laptop and sitting down to write. Chores got in the way you see. I started by washing up and thought that maybe I should have put a load of washing on first as that could be running whilst I washed the dishes.

Clothes gently rumbling around, I went back to the pots and pans and figured that as I was already washing up maybe I should do some baking. Didn't seem much point in getting a clear sink if I was then going to mess it all up again anyway. I did want to use up some yeast that was lurking in my cupboard so that would be perfect. I'd be on my decluttering mission again! Dough was made and now proving in my airing cupboard seeing as that is the warmest part of my house.

Then coming back downstairs again, I noticed  that if I didn't soon cobweb we would be doing some kind of challenge to get out of our house. That then reminded me of a certain task that Elfy created for The Sweetpeas last Christmas. I was useless at it then when it was only ribbon and no creepy-crawly spiders running over it. Cobwebbing completed I fell over the large 'glowing' ball that no longer glows. I decided to open it up and see if there was something glaringly wrong with it.

Maybe the battery needs replacing but then it hasn't been recharged that many times at all. Perhaps the switch is broken and that is why it no longer turns on? I gave up and put it away. It can just be an ornament for a bit until I can source another battery and have a play with it again. I can't make it any worse.

Eventually, I got the laptop fired up. It was whirring away begging for me to get out into the garden and write a blog post.  I instantly had the sun beaming onto my screen and could see how dirty it truly had become again. Why don't I ever get into a routine of cleaning it? Does anyone actually clean their computer until the screen is that completely filthy? (Go on, check your screen now and give it a proper clean.)  So one lovely clean screen here but still the sun is so bright that I can hardly see what I'm typing. Oh well, I can at least get a post written and then edit it later. Who am I kidding? I won't find time for that. The Sweetpeas will no doubt have come out with something else by then which will spark another post.

I seem to have completed many tasks today and so will relax with The Sweetpeas over our Chinese takeaway treat this evening to say farewell to the past fortnight of holiday I've had from work.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

In pain

It's absolutely awful when I have to see my children suffer when they are poorly and I go out of my way to try and comfort them. I allow them hot water bottles and any kind of food they desire to try and take their minds off of the pain.

I don't make a good patient myself though. I hate people fussing over me and will often try to "man up" and fight the pain without expressing it.

When I picked them up from school the other day I had a shooting pain in my side which was so bad I didn't know how I was still standing. I struggled back to the car with them and the pain subsided enough for me to get them home. The moment I got near to my front door, I practically crawled through my hallway and upstairs.

This is where my patient care skills have obviously rubbed off onto Alyssa. She immediately asked if something was wrong and that she was going to run me a "warm bubbly bath as that makes everything better." I did as I was told and attempted to relax in the bath but still the pain was evident to me.

I got out and headed for a lay down whilst they were going to play a little before teatime. The pain got so bad though that I started to cry and scream. Crying is something quite alien to me these days and it had concerned Alyssa. She immediately rang my mum and asked her to come round to help as Alyssa thought I needed an ambulance. It turned out that she was right.

After some observations and an assessment, I was taken off to hospital. I felt that I was wasting their time even though I was in absolute agony. I would rather have gone through labour another twenty times in a row rather than have to cope with another moment of it.

On arrival at hospital, I had bloods taken and more examinations. The pain would lessen and then suddently become so violently bad that it would make me physically shake. I was eventually given morphine to try and ease the pain which instantly helped. After being taken to a ward a little after midnight I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next day, all the pain had disappeared. Absolutely nothing. The doctors felt that whatever it was perhaps had moved overnight by itself or been passed even though they couldn't say for certain. . I was discharged after midday and now just waiting on an outpatients appointment for some scans to see if they can work out what it was that was causing the pain.

Alyssa saved the day! Well done Alyssa for using your initiative.

A huge thank you to the paramedics that came out to me and the staff at A&E. They all had fantastic patience and were keen to try and 'fix' me. They listened to my babbled explanation of where it hurt on me. Thank you!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Tour of Cambridgeshire

Sunday 7th June meant that the long awaited Tour of Cambridgeshire was going to head through our little village. It was a huge cycle race which featured 132km of a completely closed off route around The Fens, starting and finishing in Peterborough. There were over 8000 riders so it was going to be pretty spectacular and so Alyssa prepared to make sure she supported all those cyclists that were going past her.

She stayed up late on the Saturday evening finishing off her 3rd attempt of a poster. I tweeted her efforts and it was retweeted which she thought was incredible.

The Sweetpeas got their deckchairs out and started to wait for the cyclists at half past 11. The first group didn't start to come through until hours after this but Alyssa was determined not to miss one single cyclist.

Harvey had to leave as he was off to a birthday party anyway for the afternoon.

Our little village was completely shut off for the entire afternoon in order for them to race through safely. I valued the quality time with Alyssa especially and was extremely proud of how she wanted to support them. I can understand the frustration from some residents but I feel immensely proud of the first ever UK closed roads 'Gran Fondo' going through our village. Lots of villagers were complaining that they had things to do but hopefully my children will remember the great time we had on that Sunday rather than another potentially mundane trip out of the village. I do completely see that some cases are an emergency and can't be planned ahead so perhaps there could be some kind of "emergency access" for next year then that would be fabulous. (As long as residents didn't abuse the term emergency that is!)

Alyssa was so excited when people would shout "hi Alyssa" or wave to her. She liked that her poster made a few people smile and comments such as "give us a push" or " I'm trying" were heard. I loved how the cyclists tried to involve the crowds of people that formed even though they were obviously hot and probably aching by that point.

Twitter became a great read that evening too.

Harvey did get to see some of the racing and he particularly liked the people wearing the skeleton tops. They also noticed someone with Wallace and Gromit on them.

Roll on 2016 and look out for Alyssa cheering away in Benwick. We'd love to get some comments from any of the cyclists that took part and saw Alyssa's poster just before the bridge.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Cherry Bakewell Soap

I bought a bar of soap today. I know, the exciting life I lead! It's not any kind of soap though as it smells of Cherry Bakewells. It's like heaven in my soap dish and I'm sure The Sweetpeas will enjoy using it too. (That's if there is any left by the time they get home from school.)