Saturday, 13 June 2015

In pain

It's absolutely awful when I have to see my children suffer when they are poorly and I go out of my way to try and comfort them. I allow them hot water bottles and any kind of food they desire to try and take their minds off of the pain.

I don't make a good patient myself though. I hate people fussing over me and will often try to "man up" and fight the pain without expressing it.

When I picked them up from school the other day I had a shooting pain in my side which was so bad I didn't know how I was still standing. I struggled back to the car with them and the pain subsided enough for me to get them home. The moment I got near to my front door, I practically crawled through my hallway and upstairs.

This is where my patient care skills have obviously rubbed off onto Alyssa. She immediately asked if something was wrong and that she was going to run me a "warm bubbly bath as that makes everything better." I did as I was told and attempted to relax in the bath but still the pain was evident to me.

I got out and headed for a lay down whilst they were going to play a little before teatime. The pain got so bad though that I started to cry and scream. Crying is something quite alien to me these days and it had concerned Alyssa. She immediately rang my mum and asked her to come round to help as Alyssa thought I needed an ambulance. It turned out that she was right.

After some observations and an assessment, I was taken off to hospital. I felt that I was wasting their time even though I was in absolute agony. I would rather have gone through labour another twenty times in a row rather than have to cope with another moment of it.

On arrival at hospital, I had bloods taken and more examinations. The pain would lessen and then suddently become so violently bad that it would make me physically shake. I was eventually given morphine to try and ease the pain which instantly helped. After being taken to a ward a little after midnight I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next day, all the pain had disappeared. Absolutely nothing. The doctors felt that whatever it was perhaps had moved overnight by itself or been passed even though they couldn't say for certain. . I was discharged after midday and now just waiting on an outpatients appointment for some scans to see if they can work out what it was that was causing the pain.

Alyssa saved the day! Well done Alyssa for using your initiative.

A huge thank you to the paramedics that came out to me and the staff at A&E. They all had fantastic patience and were keen to try and 'fix' me. They listened to my babbled explanation of where it hurt on me. Thank you!

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