Thursday, 18 June 2015

Saving with qwiddle

The walk to school allows us to talk about what we plan to do in the afternoon or at the weekend when we get to spend some quality time together. Alyssa was talking today though about what kind of house she dreams about owning one day.

"It's going to be blue. It's going to be an actual house not a flat. I like flats but I'm too noisy."

I love that she understands that she needs to work hard to achieve these things and that it won't just be handed to her.

They both have traditional bank accounts, child trusts and a little piggy bank each.

 The Sweetpeas also have a Qwiddle account online which allows me to set them tasks to complete in order to receive extra pocket money. It's really easy to set up and it links to my PayPal account which means I can easily add and remove money from their own personal accounts.  (If you have any problems, the team over at Qwiddle are very fast to reply with guidance on how to get it sorted.)

They have their own logins which allows them to set their own goals.  Harvey likes to set his goal for toys or Lego whereas Alyssa is extremely keen to save hers. She needs that blue house one day.

There is currently a competition running at Qwiddle to win an iPad. There's also a great offer to receive £5 free credit for your child's own Qwiddle account. This is the first 1000 sign ups so be quick.

I did not get any kind of payment for this post. Just like to share competitions and *free* money.

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