Monday, 29 June 2015

Village Sports Day

It was the annual Village Sports Day at the weekend and The Sweetpeas were really looking forward to it.

"I may not win much today as I'm heavy.....I know, I won't wear any socks. Faster Harvey."

Alyssa did incredibly well and was winning all of her races. If you came first, you would get £1 so she was really enjoying that aspect of it too. She saved up all of her money. Harvey however spent every single penny he managed to win in his races.

I was incredibly proud of them both when they tried to run the half mile at the end of all the other races. Apparently many generations of my family were known to be exceptional runners. It must have skipped me as I run like Phoebe from Friends.

 A massive thank you to Witri for the all the photographs.  Alyssa cannot wait for her name to be added onto the large shield next to previous winners. (I have edited the names as I know some people don't like things shared on the Internet.)

They are looking forward to next year and long may this tradition continue in the village. I remember running/tripping over my own feet when I was little and so I hope The Sweetpeas look back on it with such fond memories too.


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