Sunday, 5 July 2015

"Fairy" Meadows

A trip to "Fairy" Meadows was arranged for the weekend. (It's actually called Ferry Meadows but they insist it's "fairy".)

We took plenty of toys to play with so they would have lots to do.

Alyssa had been to a sleepover the night before and appeared back with a wonderful new hairstyle. There are some clever Mummys about!

Harvey was really happy that there was water there. I had to keep reminding him that it was only for the ducks to swim in and not him.

I love how there are lots of little playgrounds dotted around and The Sweetpeas thoroughly enjoyed testing them out.

They really tried working on their sliding techniques.

They had great fun throughout the day even though there was an element of being naughty. I'm so glad my friends were there too as it was a good adult to Sweetpea ratio. (My friends will need a good few months to recover from that experience though I reckon!) 

Hopefully next time that we go they'll behave better so we can stay longer. We have to go back afterall as we found no fairies at "Fairy Meadows".

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  1. You have such adorable little kids and they sure look like they enjoy their time a lot haha. Wishing them a happy and healthy life ahead.