Sunday, 23 August 2015

Gift vouchers at reduced price - ZEEK Free £5 offer! Promo code 2B5L37

The Sweetpeas have learnt from a young age that they can use gift vouchers and coupons to buy items in certain shops. I want them to understand that there are ways of making the most out of their money.

I came across a great app for my phone called Zeek. There are lots of different gift cards on there including Amazon e-vouchers, Tesco and Sainsbury's gift cards and also gift vouchers for Love2Shop, Starbucks and Argos. I buy Tesco giftcards mainly as this saved me money on my weekly shopping bill.

You can also sell unwanted giftcards through the app too.

So how can you get your £5 which I offered you at the start?

Go to your app store and search for "zeek" . It's a free app for ios and android.

Once you have downloaded it, you can get a FREE £5 from your purchase on there. Go into "Redeem Promo" and put my code of 2B5L37 into it. I'd like to note at this point that I would also receive £5 for my next purchase. The Sweetpeas are hoping for a good take up of this fantastic offer as they have all the money for their ever-increasing-you-do-need-all-that-stuff Amazon wishlist.

If it's not an e-voucher, the physical voucher arrives in the post really quickly via signed for delivery.

This offer doesn't always last for long so make the most of it while you can!

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Alyssa - "Are there any spiders that can fly?"

Harvey ,with no hesitation at all - "There's a black weirdo....that might."